Light Gathering Magnifying Glass


What is a Light Gathering Magnifier?

By gathering the available light, the magnifier makes the viewed item 4 times brighter than conventional magnifying glasses. Magnabrite® is made from an optical grade, cast acrylic. It is pre-focused, so it stays in focus at all times.

To use, simply glide the Magnabrite over any surface - the focus is automatic and you can view subjects from almost any angle! The slightly concave bottom also reduces scratching to ensure years of use.


Is it to be used or displayed?

Both! When an attractive wooden base is purchased, the reading magnifier globe fits into a lip in the base so you can move the base with the magnifier globe in it. The base has no bottom so you can view your subject through the globe. This keeps the magnifier globe smudge free and makes a very attractive desk accessory.


How do you clean it?

Only use a 100% cotton cloth when cleaning your Magnabrite, so you do not scratch it! You can use any ammonia-free glass cleaner without damaging your magnifier. Never use Kleenex or paper towels, which are made from wood and will scratch your Magnabrite.


Do you offer a warranty?

If your Magnabrite ever needs to be re-polished, you may send it to us for a nominal $15.00 shipping and handling charge. We completely re-polish your magnifier (top, bottom, and sides) to return it to "good as new" condition. Just send your Magnabrite to our address with payment, your return address, and a note stating that it needs re-polishing.

It functions very well as a loupe for viewing slides, too

Why would you use a Light Gathering Magnifier?

The Magnabrite® reading magnifier is ideal for designers, architects, graphic artists, photographers, crafters, model builders, collectors, hobbyists, and genealogists. You can use it for reading small print, contracts, maps, spreadsheets, Thomas Brothers atlases, photographs, drawings, blurred images, faxes, phone books and more. It functions very well as a loupe for viewing slides, too.

It has proven to be a valuable tool for helping those experiencing the early stages of macular degeneration and other low vision conditions.

Use for help with:

So many uses!
  • Medication Bottles
  • Serial Numbers
  • Documents & Contracts
  • X-Rays
  • Telephone Books
  • Maps & Guides
  • Legal Contracts & Forms
  • Stamp Collections
  • Hobbies
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • small print
  • Spreadsheets
  • Thomas Brothers Atlas
  • Photographs
  • Drawings
  • Blurred images
  • Faxes
  • Slides
  • and more!

Our light gathering magnifiers are available in four convenient sizes:

So many uses!
  • 51mm (2")

    Perfect for viewing 35mm images, stamps, newspaper columns, maps, charts, schematics, contact sheets, contracts, X-rays, coins, and other small objects.

  • 64mm (2.5")

    Very useful for 35mm slides, negatives, maps, small print, faxes, and other general applications.

  • 89mm (3.5")

    Ideal for viewing documents, 8" x 10" film, maps, small print, and other large applications.

  • 115mm (4.5")

    The solution for viewing larger documents, 8" x 10" film, blueprints, maps, and other large applications; this size will allow for easy viewing of most newspaper and magazine columns.

Open / Download Sizer Guide (PDF)


How does it help with low or poor vision?

As you age, your eyes become less focused and may succumb to low-vision-related conditions, which takes away your ability to see up close and precise. Low vision is loss of sight that is not correctible by eyeglasses, contacts, or surgery. Eye disorders or injuries, such as diabetes, cataracts, cancer, brain injuries, or age-related macular degeneration, can often cause low vision problems.

Although there is no cure for low vision problems, you can improve your quality of life with the original Magnabrite Light Gathering Magnifier.

The most common types of low vision are:

  • Loss of Central Vision (Blind Spot in One's Vision)
  • Loss of Peripheral (Side) Vision
  • Night Blindness
  • Blurred Vision
  • Hazy Vision


The globes can also be engraved

Can I give it as a gift?

Forget the popcorn, gift baskets, chocolates, and the usual holiday gifts. Give a gift that will be used forever, is attractive, durable, and less expensive than fruitcakes - the Magnabrite® Reading Magnifier!

This magnifier is a great gift for senior citizens, sight impaired persons, real estate agents, lenders, accountants, lawyers, architects, construction trades, clients, spouses, and students, to name just a few.

Magnabrite® globes make great business or employee thank you gifts. Perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Promotions, Graduations, Father's & Mother's Day, Valentines' Day, Congratulations, or just the right "hard to find gift" for that special person.

A Magnabrite® always makes a great addition to any desktop as a paperweight, while providing years of precision performance, so be sure to include this gift item on your Corporate Gift List. Once you put it in their hands, anyone will find new uses for a Magnabrite® almost every day.

We offer Gift Wrapping on every item. And we'll ship it directly to them for you, if you like. Let us know if you want us to include a special note or card!

Bulk, non-engraved, Magnabrites® are also available for immediate shipment.

Please call us or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your request.


The globes can also be engraved

Can we personalize the globes?

Yes! The globes can also be engraved (as shown to the right) for a great marketing piece or gift for any occasion, such as graduation, Father's Day, family reunion and more!

The globes can be engraved on one or both sides with your logo and two lines of text, per side.

We've engraved globes with company logos, family crests, simple text messages, and more!

Please call us or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your request and pricing.


Do you offer a discount on quantity orders?

Absolutely! Please call us to discuss your needs.


Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! On both your satisfaction and our price! We're confident that you'll be thrilled with the quality of the Magnaglobe reading magnifier. We stand behind our products and will not be undersold! If you find a lower price on the same product, let us know and we'll beat that price! We also offer special discounts on large Magnaglobe orders.



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